Our vision is to democratise risk analytics.

Every enterprise should have affordable tools to gain insight from their data and the wider world; analyse their risks, and make better decisions for their customers, shareholders, employees and community.

About Lucsan

Lucsan is an established and innovative risk and data analytics products company, working with customers to manage enterprise risks.

We are Australian owned with offices in Sydney and Melbourne, with a successful track record of product development and customer satisfaction. 

Lucsan Team  

Every member of our team brings to Lucsan unique skills and experience in business knowledge technology, product development and innovation.

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Over 16-years we have become preferred suppliers to an enviable customer list including four of the top-10 ASX companies as well as Federal and State Government agencies. We have delivered multi-million dollar solutions  including: regulatory risk & compliance, asset risk, value chain risk, data quality, data governance.

Our Values - guide how we work to provide excellent customer service and satisfaction

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