Climate risk is impacting asset value,with significant commercial risks and opportunities for business and investors. 

Since the 1980s the number of weather related loss events has tripled.
The combination of weight of scientific evidence and the dynamics of the financial system suggest that, in the fullness of time, climate change will threaten financial resilience and longer term prosperity.
By managing what gets measured we can break the Tragedy of the Horizon
— Mark Carney Governor Bank of England

LUMEN® Climate Risk 

We take a different approach to climate risk, focused on asset value, return on investment and risk adaptation. 

Until recently analysing complex climate data was the domain of the scientific community with limited correlation to business systems.  LUMEN® Climate Risk solves this problem by providing all levels of business with the ability to identify commercial climate vulnerabilities and the cost/benefit of adaptation measures.

Agriculture and Food, Residential property, Commercial property, Financial services, Infrastructure, Tourism


  • Affordable, robust and agile risk product
  • Aggregates climate data algorithms, asset information and valuation metrics in one risk product


  • Analytics on material regulatory, physical and indirect risks
  • Adaptation analysis
  • Risk dashboards

We aggregate climate data algorithms, business asset information and businesses rules within a single user definable workbench. 

Combining detailed climate data with internal business asset information and valuation metrics builds a picture or risk due to climate change and volatility. Scenario testing of adaptation strategies enables return on investment analysis of adaptation investment.

Risk Variables include: