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Big Data, Cloud, Scale on Demand, Pay per Use, Complex Analytics – can help your business to build new relationships with your customers, transform your organisation and help you discover new opportunities. The focus on external big data sources and predictive analytics needs to be factored into your data roadmap – but you also need a focus on unlocking value in your internal data and making it work alongside the new world of data. Lucsan can help you work fast and effectively with internal and external data and support your data roadmap to data.


The first step in unlocking value in your data is to build trust in your data sources, processes & tools. Data in your line of business systems can be incomplete, out of date, hard to access and difficult to consolidate. Achieving data quality is the foundation for building data maturity.  Our Data Quality methodology is fast and agile based on iterations of discovery and improvement.

LUMEN® Data Quality automation provides repeatable process and strong reconciliation and audit trails. Lucsan consultants specialise in complex data bringing business and technical expertise.  


Migrating data to a new platform is not a straightforward extract and load project. From strategy, through data discovery, cleansing, reconciliations, audit, migration execution to legacy archiving, we have the expertise, methodology and product automation to deliver a cost effective, high quality, transparent and flexible migration. Using LUMEN® will give you greater certainty of migration success and strong data quality.

Data can be the make or break element in achieving M&A benefits realisation. If the M&A migration is carried out well legacy infrastructure cost reduction can be delivered and the operations team builds confidence in migrated data with minimal work-arounds. Doesn’t always happen in practice.  Often the data stream is tackled late; a complex mix of multi products, bespoke scripting and manual steps is used; as a result data is on the critical path and data quality can be compromised. LUMEN® provides end to end data solution for M&A – all functions in one automated product with strong audit trail, transparency and progress reporting.


Reconciling data is a challenge. The context of multi assets, multi currency, regulatory compliance, multiple data sources & M&A activities escalates this challenge. Lucsan has worked with many organisations to successfully implement our LUMEN® product as their Reconciliation solution within both operational and project environments. Our reconciliations cover high volume data warehouse, complex trading environments and M&A migrations, system upgrades, data cleansing, data analytics and data governance.


Delivering great customer experience and competing for business requires insight into your customer data. This means fast access to a 360 view of customers and the true value of your products – markets, wealth, super and retail. Static reports fixed in concrete will slow you down; generic campaigns and service no longer impress; smart business users are seeking dynamic analysis and insights. Our approach gives you options: use LUMEN® as your consolidation repository for flexible analytic, aggregate quality data into your CRM or DW, or feedback enhanced data into your source systems.


How can you square the circle between speed and rigor? Customer and Portfolio on-boarding requires process, accuracy and the agility to deliver the commercial advantage as quickly as possible. Lucsan provides a repeatable automated process with strong audit trail, issues management and remediation. Underpinning the business process is LUMEN® data quality, reconciliations and reporting.


Data quality and consistency underpin data insights. Lucsan’s Data Quality solutions can help you validate and remediate the sources of truth in your organisation to lift the rigor of your operations. Achieving line of business rigor is a necessity, but at the corporate level accurate analytics and reporting is required across the silos. LUMEN® aggregation and curation functions provide consolidated data.  


Working with business and IT, our consultants bring expertise across the change lifecycle: business case development & priority setting, solution identification and vendor management, business and process readiness, implementation run sheets, project monitoring and metrics, business acceptance, transition to operations. Expertise combined with in-depth understanding of front to back office processes and products.

Testing and Acceptance

Our approach is agile, delivering rapid cycles of testing and improvement. Lucsan consultants work with both development teams for SIT testing and with business teams for UAT. LUMEN® provides reconciliation libraries for validation across all stages of test and acceptance