Decisions are made every day in resource sectors impacting operational viability, value and the safety of workers and communities. 

Developing the capability to product value from advanced data analytics is a C-level agenda item. These analytic advantages could help oil and gas improve production by 6% to 8%
— Bain
Masses of data from your project or operation can be overwhelming to the point that it becomes useless for decision making... Reducing the time it takes to collect, validate and process data means that your people have the ability to make better decisions.
— Snowden Consulting

LUMEN® Resource Sector Risk

Typically product data is stored in functional silos good at what they were designed to do, but not conducive to cross system decision-making. LUMEN® Resource Risk provides analysis and insight to drive operational improvements into: forward planning, critical event diagnostics, hazard monitoring and investment cost benefits.  

  • Affordable, robust and agile risk analytics product
  • Explain events - site shutdown, cost escalation
  • Improve hazard planning
  • Automated scalable
  • Multi-source data, geospatial and time stamped data
  • Correlate cross functional data
  • Alert visualisation
  • Task workflow


LUMEN® Resource Risk unlocks data from existing operational and physical data sets. The resources sector has invested strongly in data metrics from a function by function perspective including streaming data and control devices. We aggregate and correlate these data sets to discover the multi-variable interdependencies critical to identifying and managing risk.