Dig deep to discover the real value and costs within your supply chain

As George Orwell might have said “ All customers are equal but some are created more equal than others”. You need intimate knowledge of the customers that provide profits today and will deliver growth in the future. You need to know what channels they use, what they buy and what critical elements of your product and service they value.
— Ernst & Young
The evidence is overwhelming: Supply chain strategy demands formal risk assessment.
— Harvard Business Review

LUMEN® Value Chain Risk

Who are your key customers and suppliers and what risks or opportunities do they have for your business? What dependencies and risks lie within your customers and suppliers own value chains? 

Combining detailed customer and supplier data across your organisation with external business or social media data, value algorithms and metrics allows you to build a clear picture of your most profitable and productive business partners.

Supplier volatility.  Supply chain disruption can have devastating impact on shareholder value e.g. 40% decline in share price due to supply chain disruption

  • Customer profit by segment
  • Supplier cost by segment
  • Cost of acquisition
  • Cost of retention
  • Customer value chain

Customer volatility.  Analyst insight "digital business models are the principle reasons why over half the Fortune 500 have disappeared since 2000" 

  • Lifetime value / lifetime cost
  • Key supplier risk
  • Supplier performance metrics
  • Churn rate
  • Supplier value chain

Value Chain dashboard

Growth indicators by employment trends

Growth indicators by employment trends